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When and How to Add Stabilizer to a Pool

Whether managing a commercial or public swimming pool, or one in a backyard, knowing when to add stabilizer to a pool is vital in keeping the water clean and the pool healthy and free of pathogens. What is a pool stabilizer? It is often referred to by several names—chlorine stabilizer, pool conditioner, chlorine pool stabilizer,… Read more »

What Chemicals are Needed to Open a Pool?

The time to think about maintaining a pool or hot tub is during the winter, including consideration about what chemicals are needed to open a pool once the warm weather returns. Whether you’re responsible for a private or public swimming pool, understanding how these chemicals interact with pool water will help ensure that the water… Read more »

Choosing Between Bromine vs Chlorine

Both bromine and chlorine are chemical compounds that serve a similar purpose: they decontaminate pool and spa water by killing off bacteria. However, these chemicals differ in the way they clean, react to temperature and interact with skin. If you’re considering bromine vs chlorine for use in a pool or spa, our guide will help… Read more »