Reasons Your Hot Tub Heater Isn’t Working (And What To Do Next)

Is your hot tub heater not working? Have you tried several fixes but couldn’t pinpoint the exact problem? If yes, you have come to the right place to find all the answers related to your hot tub heater and why it isn’t working as it should! 

There could be several reasons your hot tub heater may not work. Let us check out some common reasons that lead to the non-functioning or improper functioning of hot tub heaters. Once you figure out the actual reason, it becomes much easier to find the right solution. 

4. Reasons Your Hot Tub Heater Isn’t Working And What To Do Next

1. Issues Related To Thermostat

The thermostat switch helps in increasing the heat. Therefore, depending on your equipment, you can check if your thermostat has a lit red arrow or a knob and test if there is an internal fault or the sensor bulb is corroded. In the case of new equipment, there is a temperature sensor instead of a thermostat. So, you must inspect if the probe or the cord is damaged. Also, make sure that it is plugged in properly. 

2. Trouble With The High Limit Switch

Another necessary switch that needs to be checked from time to time is the high-limit switch. It is similar to the thermostat mentioned above and is a part of the safety circuit system. Its purpose is to prevent overheating of the system, leading to an entire meltdown of the hot tub. 

There is a maximum temperature that is preset in these switches. Reaching that temperature, the switch opens and breaks the electric circuit responsible for carrying power to your hot tub heater. 

There are two high limits set in some hot tubs. One is for monitoring the temperature outside, and the other is for the inside temperature. Usually, there is an OH or an HL code to display this error. Going below or beyond the limits may lead to your hot tub heater needing to be fixed. 

The tripping due to high limits can also be caused by low water flow, malfunctioning of an element, loose wires, incorrect voltage, or damaged wires. So, you must check these things in case of an error. 

3. Problems With Water Circulation Or Flow

Sometimes, a problem with water flow might lead to slow water heating or a sudden switching off of the hot tub. In this case, you might see an LF or FLO error message on the top side of your control panel. If you see this message, it means “not enough water” or “issue with the flow of water.” 

4. Other Common Issues

Some of the most common issues might be related to loose wires, replacement of spa covers, or tripping of GFCI. As a first step, you can troubleshoot these problems, and you will most likely get positive results. 

With loose wires, ensure that the connecting wires are not oxidized and tight. Melted, crimped, or chewed wires by rodents may also lead to problems, so you might need to replace or tighten them. 

For spa covers, you must check for ill-fitting, warped, or broken spa covers because the malfunction may be caused if it allows the heat to escape. So, replacing them quickly can solve your problem. In tripping GFCI, you should look for the TEST button, which is usually red. Just push it back tightly, and your problem will be solved. 

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There can be several reasons for your hot tub heater not working. However, with these quick tips, you can quickly identify and troubleshoot the problem in no time. 

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