Hot Tub Buying Guide: 5 Factors to Keep in Mind

A hot tub is a bathing tub that uses hot water and is big enough to fit at least two people. Hot tubs are designed for simultaneous multiple-person usage and can be used for hydrotherapy or relaxation. Hot tubs are one of the best ways to unwind after a long day. They also have numerous health benefits, including improved sleep, stress, and pain relief. In other words, owning a hot tub is like having your spa at home.

However, a hot tub can be one of the major investments in your home. The costs of a hot tub typically range from about $2,000 to above $16,000. The price ultimately depends on your choice of size, type, and spa equipment. If you’re looking to buy a hot tub that fits your lifestyle and budget, this quick hot tub buying guide provides the five factors you should consider.

1. Materials

The hot tub’s material will ultimately determine its durability, performance, and energy savings levels. Hot tubs are made of various materials, but materials like acrylic are stronger and scratch-resistant than other materials like plastic. Material selection will also depend on whether your hot tub will be installed indoors or outdoors. For example, wood or metal framing materials are not ideal for outdoor hot tubs as the frame will get exposed to rain, snow, and heat.

2. Brand

Brands and models matter when you buy a hot tub. Therefore, picking popular yet established brands is crucial. These hot tub makers have been producing high-quality hot tubs for decades and constantly updating their collections to provide better quality and features to their customers.

3. Size

The cost of the hot tub is directly proportional to its size – the bigger the hot tub, the higher the price. The size of the hot tubs is calculated in terms of their occupancy – a standard-size hot tub occupies two persons while a party-size one holds up to 10 people. 

4. Location

Location involves the place of installation of your hot tub. Since hot tubs are usually huge and tend to spill water on the ground, most are installed outdoors, often on a deck or patio. Hot tubs can also be installed either fully or partially inground. 

Some people even place their hot tubs indoors, either above ground or in-ground. The above-ground hot tubs are the less expensive option. Remember that for easier routine maintenance, location and accessibility is highly important.

5. Water Management

Always look for hot tub models with multiple water filtration levels to keep the water clean with lesser maintenance. Hot tubs with poor water management make you spend much time cleaning your tub rather than enjoying a bath. 

Choosing the Right Hot Tub for You

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