What is a Pool Stabilizer, and Why is it Necessary for My Pool?

Have you heard about pool stabilizers lately but are still determining if you should use them in your home pool? If that’s your concern, this guide offers everything you need to know about pool stabilizers and why they are necessary for your swimming pool. To begin with, let’s answer the question, “What is a pool stabilizer?”

What is a Pool Stabilizer?

Pool stabilizers are derived from Cyanuric Acid (CYA). You can find them in chlorine tablets, granular or liquid forms. The chlorine tablets that contain Cyanuric Acid and chlorine are known as stabilized chlorine. Pool stabilizers not only help maintain the cleanliness of a swimming pool but also keep a check on the water’s hardness, pH, total alkalinity, etc. 

It also assists in protecting the chlorine’s active life since the UV rays from the sun damage it and result in degeneration. Without this compound, the chlorine will likely evaporate very fast, exposing water to bacteria and other forms of contamination. 

Long-term use of swimming pools without adequate amounts of chlorine may cause skin irritation and other health issues. Therefore, it is essential to keep checking and regulating pool stabilizers to make sure your swimming pool is adequately sanitized. 

Here are some of the advantages of adding a stabilizer to your pool

  • Helps prevent chlorine loss: Cyanuric Acid is the perfect ingredient to help protect your swimming pool from the harmful UV rays of the sun as it helps prevent the loss of chlorine in the pool to ensure a healthy swimming environment. 
  • Improve the quality of pool water: Using a stabilizer can also be a good idea because it aids in the proper maintenance of pH levels in a pool, something that swimming pool owners often overlook. You can keep your pool clear and consistently well-balanced with the help of a stabilizer. 
  • The life of your pool equipment is enhanced: An excessive use of chlorine can quickly reduce the life of your pool equipment while also raising havoc to the pH levels of your pool. As mentioned above, a pool stabilizer lets you reduce the amount of chlorine needed, thus extending the lifespan of your pool equipment.
  • Increases your comfort when swimming: Last but not least, pool stabilizers can go a long way to ensuring that you have an incredible swimming experience in your pool. With the help of these stabilizers, you are far less likely to struggle with skin or eye irritation, resulting in a safe and comfortable swim.  

A pool stabilizer is a boon for the long life of your swimming pool and your family’s health. However, it is essential to note that knowing when and how much stabilizer to add is also vital. Too much stabilizer can also be harmful in the long run. Hence, make sure that you keep an overall eye on your pool’s chemistry and rest easy without worrying about your and your family’s safety. 

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