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Can You Convert a Chlorine Pool to Saltwater?

Can you convert a chlorine pool to salt? Though the simple answer to this question is “yes” there are numerous caveats that must be taken into account to convert a chlorine pool to saltwater. First, a quick chemistry lesson for pool owners and operators. Salt is made up of the chemical elements sodium and chloride,… Read more »

4 Must-Have Features of Above-Ground Winter Pool Covers

Winter is approaching, and it is time to prepare your above-ground pool for the harsh weather. Installing a winter pool cover is one of the most important maintenance tasks. Above-ground winter pool covers are designed to protect your pool from debris and harsh weather conditions and to prevent unauthorized access. They offer several benefits to… Read more »

3 Types of Pool Liners for Above Ground Pools

If you’re getting an above-ground pool, you must consider getting the right pool liner to hold the water in safely and provide structural integrity while making your pool look aesthetically pleasing. Pool liners are all vinyl and are classified based on how they are attached to the pool. There are three types of pool liners… Read more »

11 Ways to Determine What Size Pool Heater You Need

As a pool supply company, we know a lot about pools. Because of our expansive knowledge of swimming pools, we get many questions about them, and the many accessories and other supplies pool owners require. There’s rarely a question we haven’t heard before, and there’s yet to be a pool-related question we can’t answer. But… Read more »

A Guide to Selecting the Best Pool Filter

Filters help remove and keep contaminants out. Cars have filters for air, oil, and transmission fluid. Filters in clothes dryers catch lint. Vacuum cleaners capture dust in their filters. Coffee machines use filters to keep the grounds out of coffee. The same is true for swimming pool filters. While sanitizers like chlorine kill bacteria and… Read more »

Pool Winterizing 101: Everything You Should Know

Once summer fades and autumn begins to paint the leaves, it’s time to prep the pool for the colder winter months. Pool winterizing is especially important in climates that feature significant amounts of ice, snow, and subfreezing winter weather. It’s a good time to close a pool once high temperatures dip to below about 65?F…. Read more »

Choosing a Pool Cover for Inground and Above Ground Pool

Most swimming pool owners and operators in temperate climates are beginning to think about winterizing their pools. Whether a pool is inground or above ground, winter pool covers are necessary to protect swimming pools from damage caused by cold weather during the winter months. While climate helps determine the best winter pool cover, above ground… Read more »

Best Ways to Keep a Pool Clean: Part 2

This blog is Part One of our two-part series offering tips on keeping a swimming pool clean. You can read Part One here! As is probably clear by now, there are so many ways to help keep your swimming pool in top condition so you can enjoy it throughout the season. We’re going to dive… Read more »

Best Ways to Keep a Pool Clean: Part 1

This blog is Part One of our two-part series discussing the best ways to keep your swimming pool clean! Keeping a swimming pool clean is a necessary job for any pool owner. Leaves, twigs, branches and bugs all become detritus floating on the surface or sinking to the floor of a pool, while body oils,… Read more »

A Guide to Choosing the Right Swimming Pool Paint

While there are many ways to protect a swimming pool and make it look aesthetically pleasing, painting offers an affordable and easy way to do so. In fact, painting a pool can even make a good DIY project for more energetic pool owners. Yet before emptying your pool and taking a trip to a paint… Read more »