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Hot Tub Buying Guide: 5 Factors to Keep in Mind

A hot tub is a bathing tub that uses hot water and is big enough to fit at least two people. Hot tubs are designed for simultaneous multiple-person usage and can be used for hydrotherapy or relaxation. Hot tubs are one of the best ways to unwind after a long day. They also have numerous… Read more »

Pocket Guide: Heating a Swimming Pool

One of the best luxuries you can have is a swimming pool in your house. It offers relaxation as you unwind after a long day. But where’s the fun if you can’t use it around the year? Do you wish to learn how to heat the water in your pool for a nice swim on… Read more »

3 Types of Pool Liners for Above Ground Pools

If you’re getting an above-ground pool, you must consider getting the right pool liner to hold the water in safely and provide structural integrity while making your pool look aesthetically pleasing. Pool liners are all vinyl and are classified based on how they are attached to the pool. There are three types of pool liners… Read more »

Choosing Saltwater vs Chlorine for Your Pool or Hot Tub

If a pool or hot tub isn’t properly cared for, it becomes a petri dish in which microbial life will thrive. As a potential breeding ground for disease, water in pools or spas requires chemistry that prevents bacteria and other microbes from taking over. While previously water treatment methods involved boiling or filtering water, a… Read more »

11 Ways to Determine What Size Pool Heater You Need

As a pool supply company, we know a lot about pools. Because of our expansive knowledge of swimming pools, we get many questions about them, and the many accessories and other supplies pool owners require. There’s rarely a question we haven’t heard before, and there’s yet to be a pool-related question we can’t answer. But… Read more »

Pocket Guide: Why is My Pool Green?

If you’re a pool owner, you’ve likely thought the unfortunate but common question: “Why is my pool green?” Regardless of the cause, it’s best to not swim in pool water that has gone green or while it’s undergoing a process to treat the cause of the water’s greenness. To sanitize and balance pool water most… Read more »

Get Rain in Your Pool Water? Here’s What You Should Know

Rain forms from evaporated water, and before it falls as raindrops, it’s some of the purest water on the planet. As raindrops fall, they gather dust, pollen, spores, and other contaminants. Heavy rains will often raise water levels in swimming pools, filling them with these pollutants and causing skimmers to cease functioning as debris gather… Read more »

How to Open Your Pool This Spring: A Complete Checklist

As the days grow incrementally longer and warmer, the calendar marches towards summer and the start of the swimming season across the northern hemisphere. Spring is a time for rejoicing as winter loosens its grip on the land, with new leaves forming on trees and flowers beginning to blossom. For pool owners, it’s also a… Read more »

8 Signs It’s Time to Open Your Pool for the Season

“When should I open my pool?” Swimming pool owners and operators often ask themselves this as the days grow ever warmer in the springtime. With this warm weather, trees grow back their leaves and flowers start to bloom. These events often mark the beginning of the swimming season. Weighing the advantages and disadvantages of opening… Read more »