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Pool Winterizing 101: Everything You Should Know

Once summer fades and autumn begins to paint the leaves, it’s time to prep the pool for the colder winter months. Pool winterizing is especially important in climates that feature significant amounts of ice, snow, and subfreezing winter weather. It’s a good time to close a pool once high temperatures dip to below about 65?F…. Read more »

Choosing a Pool Cover for Inground and Above Ground Pool

Most swimming pool owners and operators in temperate climates are beginning to think about winterizing their pools. Whether a pool is inground or above ground, winter pool covers are necessary to protect swimming pools from damage caused by cold weather during the winter months. While climate helps determine the best winter pool cover, above ground… Read more »

Best Ways to Keep a Pool Clean: Part 2

This blog is Part One of our two-part series offering tips on keeping a swimming pool clean. You can read Part One here! As is probably clear by now, there are so many ways to help keep your swimming pool in top condition so you can enjoy it throughout the season. We’re going to dive… Read more »

Best Ways to Keep a Pool Clean: Part 1

This blog is Part One of our two-part series discussing the best ways to keep your swimming pool clean! Keeping a swimming pool clean is a necessary job for any pool owner. Leaves, twigs, branches and bugs all become detritus floating on the surface or sinking to the floor of a pool, while body oils,… Read more »

How to Shock a Pool This Swimming Season

Swimming pools provide people with a great way to escape the hot summer sun, and knowing how to shock a pool is one of the most important things pool caretakers or owners can do to keep the water safe for swimmers. It’s also one of the most basic maintenance tasks. The term “shocking a pool”… Read more »

Swimming Pool Maintenance, Part 2: What Not to Do

This blog is Part Two of our two-part series discussing the importance of maintaining a swimming pool and how best to care for your pool. Read Part One here. Now that you’ve read and understood the basics of maintaining a swimming pool, it’s just as important that you know what not to do when it… Read more »

Swimming Pool Maintenance, Part 1: Understanding the Basics

This blog is Part One of our two-part series discussing swimming pool maintenance and upkeep. For those who’ve just had a swimming pool installed or bought a home with a pool, understanding basic swimming pool maintenance is important to keep the pool clean and safe for swimmers. Learning about pool care as a new pool… Read more »

A Guide to Choosing the Right Swimming Pool Paint

While there are many ways to protect a swimming pool and make it look aesthetically pleasing, painting offers an affordable and easy way to do so. In fact, painting a pool can even make a good DIY project for more energetic pool owners. Yet before emptying your pool and taking a trip to a paint… Read more »

How to Remove Calcium Scale from Pool Tile Quickly and Easily

Swimming as a recreational activity is the fourth most popular overall, and the first most popular for those aged 7-17, in the United States. According to the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals, 309K public and 10.4M residential pools exist throughout the country. Because of the popularity of swimming, and the large number of swimming… Read more »

Where to Store Chlorine Tablets for Safety and Increased Shelf-Life

When properly stored, pool chemicals generally have shelf lives of 3-5 years. Pool chlorine is no different, though certain forms of it are more stable and last longer than others. Keeping chlorine in environments that are consistently cool, dry and dark will extend the time they remain usable. Knowing how and where to store chlorine… Read more »