3 Types of Pool Liners for Above Ground Pools

If you’re getting an above-ground pool, you must consider getting the right pool liner to hold the water in safely and provide structural integrity while making your pool look aesthetically pleasing. Pool liners are all vinyl and are classified based on how they are attached to the pool. There are three types of pool liners available today- overlap, beaded, and unibead. If you’re looking to get new liners for your pool, this guide will help you make the right choice.

3 Types of Pool Liners

1. Overlap Swimming Pool Liners

Overlap liners attach to the pool using coping strips. Coping strips are structurally similar to a wide paper clip that runs along the top edge of your pool wall, thus “overlapping” it on the inside. This overlap keeps the liner secured in position. You will need multiple coping strips running along the wall to clip the entire length of the swimming pool.

The liner is made of plastic and comes in solid colors or uniform patterns. A range of solid colors is available to suit any design. Complex patterns aren’t suitable for this pool lining as they do not fit the wall length uniformly.


  • Overlap liners are easier to install.
  • These liners are the most affordable of the available options.


  • It is not the most aesthetic solution, as excess liner might be visible from the outside.
  • Due to unevenness, you have limited available patterns.

2. Beaded Pool Liners

Beaded liners stick to the pool wall using a combination of bead receivers and a thick bead of vinyl attached to the liner top. The receiver tracks come in four-foot pieces. To install the liner, feed the beads into the beaded track. It neatly snaps into the track’s channel, looking uniform around the pool.

Beaded pool liners have options with intricate patterns such as tile trims or wall borders.


  • Beaded liners are the easiest to replace
  • Beaded liners come in a wide selection of designs and styles


  • Beaded liners do not hang over the pool wall, so some water might creep in, leading to corrosion.
  • Beaded liners might come loose if the receiver fails

3. Unibead Pool Liners

Universal liners come with a universal bead and can be used as beaded or “J-Hook” liners. The removable J-hook portion attaches itself to the top of the swimming pool wall and is easier to install. If you wish to go with the beaded option, simply remove the J-hook portion.

Unibead liners only hang about an inch over the pool wall and come with various patterns for styling.


  • Unibead liners have a tile pattern that gives you an “authentic” underground pool look.
  • Unibead liners are easy to install

Pick the Right Liner for Your Pool

The most important factors to consider while setting up your pool area are the cost, styling, and aesthetics. Overlap liners come at a fair value for money but have basic design options. It is the opposite for unibead pool liners. Beaded pool liners offer a balance but come with their drawbacks. All three are time-tested solutions, so pick one that suits your preferences.

Can’t make up your mind? Contact the experts at Halogen Supply today. Whichever option you go for, we have you covered.