Replacement Probes for Pool Chemical Controllers

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Accurate readings are important in properly managing and monitoring the chemical balance in commercial pools. Halogen makes it easy to ensure that your equipment is up to date and functioning properly with great prices on replacement pool probes used in chemical controllers from all the most popular brands. Offering both pH and ORP chemical controller probes, we have everything you need for automated water chemistry monitoring and maintenance.

What is an ORP Probe Used For?

ORP probes are used for measuring dissolved oxygen in water. An ORP probe creates and measures very small electrical voltages in ozonated water to determine the amount of oxidizer present. Low ORP levels are attributed to dirty water, so it is important to keep these levels in check in commercial swimming pools and spas.

How pH Probes Work

pH probes measure hydrogen ion concentration in water by detecting the potential difference in a given solution. The probe consists of an electrode that passes electricity through the liquid it is submerged in and measures the amount of electricity passed through the water. The resulting voltage is used to calculate pH. Keeping proper pH levels is important in swimming pools and spas to keep equipment and paint/tile intact; high acidity can be corrosive and also affect the activity of chlorine.

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