Aquasol Automatic pH Controllers

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The Aquasol Line of Automatic Water pH Controllers automatically maintains both the chlorine/bromine residual (using ORP technology) and pH in your pool or spa, continuously providing sanitary, clear water while eliminating tedious, manual water testing and treatment. Aquasol eliminates the problems associated with water chemistry control. By paying for themselves through chemical savings and reduced labor costs, the Aquasol controllers are an essential item to the operating budget of any commercial pool/spa operator

Aquasol Controller Advantages and Features

  • Saves on chemicals – up to 40%
  • Saves on labor of testing and correcting
  • Eliminates odor and eyeburn complaints
  • Functional lifetime warranty on the circuit board
  • Indicator lights show feed and alert status
  • Overfeed safety timer

Most importantly, Aquasols are serviceable by your staff saving you hundreds, even thousands of dollars in service fees charged by other controller companies. Easily buy and install replacement pH and ORP probes yourself!

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