Square Float Valve Kit for Accu-Tab Chemical Feeder Systems

ITEM #: 18921 | List Price: $369.79

Square Float Valve Kit (aka The Kerick Valve to Miller Kit) includes all of the Accu-Tab System components needed to make the transition from a Kerick Valve to a Miller valve. After June 10, 2011, Accu-Tab improved the PowerBase 1030 design with a Miller float valve. A Kerick to Miller Kit is needed if an older Accu-Tab system needs a new float valve.

  • Kerick Valve to Miller Kit consisting of:
  • (1x) Square Float
  • (1x) 2” Threaded Rod
  • (2x) ¼” Nuts
  • (1x) ¾” Miller Valve
  • (1x) ¾” mt x soc 90°
  • (1x) ¾” 90° with one side cut
  • (1x) pc. ¾” PVC 1 ½” Long
  • (1x) pc ¾” PVC 3 ¾” Long

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