PROtech Dry Filter Cleaner – 50 lb.

ITEM #: 3432 | List Price: $462.40

  • PROtech Dry Filter Cleaner is a unique proprietary blend of multiple dry acid and nonionic surfactant formulation designed to rapidly remove oils, grease, dirt and minerals from pool and spa cartridge, D.E. and sand filters. Filters kept clean using this product will maintain the original filtering efficiency of your filter unit.
  • * Returns filter to its optimum efficiency – Removes scale, rust, oil etc. which act to reduce filter efficiency.
  • * Minimizes cloudy water due to clogged filter – Removes grease, body oils and suntan lotions which collect in the filter.
  • * Reduces odors caused by contaminated filters – Removes organic deposits that cause odors.
  • * Maximizes volume of water filtered – Periodic use of Dry Filter Cleaner reduces maintenance costs by promoting better filtration, lengthening filter cycles and prolonging life of filter.


  • * Remove the filter cartridges or removable D.E. elements and rinse with clean water.
  • * Add 1 pound of Dry Filter Cleaner per 5 gallons of warm water in a plastic bucket, make enough solution to cover the filter elements. Never use a metal bucket or pail to mix this product.
  • * Stir solution with a wooden or plastic stirrer until it is completely dissolved, place the cartridge or element in this cleaner solution and soak 10 to 12 hours.
  • * Remove cartridge or elements from the solution and rinse with water using a high pressure nozzle. If possible, allow cartridge to dry before placing back.


  • * Prepare enough solution to cover filter media by dissolving 1 pound of Dry Filter cleaner per 5 gallons of warm water.
  • * After back-washing the filter, turn off the pump, drain filter and remove all debris from lint pot.
  • * Turn pump back on with the handle still in the backwash position and pour solution into the lint pot until the sand and elements are completely covered.
  • * Shut off pump and leave handle in backwash position, allow solution to remain in the filter for 10 to 12 hours.
  • * Backwash until water exiting the line is completely clear, however do not allow cleaning solution to backwash into the pool.

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