Pentair Mastertemp HD ASME Natural Gas Heaters

ITEM #: Pentair Mastertemp HD ASME Natural Gas Heater's

Pentair Mastertemp HD ASME Natural Gas Heaters

MasterTemp heater deliver’s high performance heating in a compact design. It’s modest size allows for smaller equipment pads and an overall reduction in your equipment footprint, which helps preserve the aesthetics of your poolscape. MasterTemp ASME-certified heaters is the informed choice when performance, size and eco-friendliness matter.

• Bronze header design allows for easy access to the thermal regulator
and bypass valve for service without use of special tools.
• Header components are plastic for corrosion and wear protection.
• Redesigned blower with totally enclosed Permanent Split Capacity
(PSC) Motor for tough coastal salt-air environment.
• Upgrades to thermal regulator for better wear protection.
• Thickest in industry 0.072 ASME-certified fin tube walls.
• Military-grade coating control board weathers all coastal elements.
• Ignition Control Module includes a three-trial for ignition before a
hard lockout is initiated.
• Improved gas-valve design for better gas control and robust operation.
• Fully premixed system with highly efficient air-and-gas mixture
allows or faster heat-up times.
• 2″ x 2½” CPVC plumbing features.
• Dual-voltage conversion with circuit board fuse protection.
• Certified for indoor installation with Direct Air Intake Duct KIT.
• Copper and heavy-duty (HD) cupronickel heat-exchanger
models available.

Available models:  461020 MASTERTEMP 250NA HD ASME, 461021 MASTERTEMP 400NA HD ASME

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