Filtrex Regenerative D.E. Filters

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Filtrex regenerative diatomaceous earth filters eliminate the need to backwash; saving makeup water, chemicals, and heating energy. Filtrex provides unequalled water clarity. Filtrex is 99% effective in removing contaminants down to 1 micron.

Filtrex’s advanced technology combines low carbon stainless steel construction with the exclusive Flex-Tube TM filter element and a proven system of pre-coat regeneration to eliminate the need for continuous slurry feed throughout the filter cycle. The New Vacuum Transfer System, now standard on all New Filtrex Systems, allows for quick and easy filter pre-coat and eliminates airborne diatomaceous earth previously associated with the old pre-coat tank. Existing Filtrex Systems can also be retrofit with the New Vacuum Transfer System. Halogen has over 400 Filtrex installations.

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