2 1/2 Pound (lb) Granular Stain Magnet Stain Removal System

ITEM #: 3420

Stain Magnet is a stain remover for use in all types of pools including gunite, plaster, concrete, vinyl and fiberglass. The 2-Part System includes Stain Magnet and Sequa-Sol to remove and prevent metallic stains. Use Stain Magnet to remove metallic stains such as iron, copper, manganese, cobalt and silver without the inconvenience of draining pool water. Follow the Stain Magnet treatment with GLB’s Sequa-Sol to provide long-lasting protection against future stains. Quickly eliminates stains without draining. No pre-testing required. No clouding of water. Can be applied directly on stubborn stains.

  • * Discontinued by Manufacturer *

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