Jandy/Laars Hi-E2 Pool Heaters

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LAARS Hi-E2 HEATERS EFFICIENCY EQUALS SAVINGS. ¬†Exceptionally low operating costs – experience the savings offered by the industry’s most advanced and fuel efficient heater. “The best heater money can buy.”95% efficiency lowers your heating costs, extends your swimming season and often pays for itself in just two years! And it delivers 3 times the heating capacity of a standard heat pump. High tech composite materials and quality construction is why the Hi-E2 exceeds average heater life expectancy. Installation costs are also reduced with direct PVC pipe connection capability. Multiple units can be easily stacked for larger facilities, making the modular Hi-E2 ideal for both residential and commercial applications.95% efficient, making it the most efficient heater available.Certified by AGA, CGA and ASME for commercial use.Direct vent with PVC pipe.Sealed combustion chamber and automatic power venting (eliminates down drafting).Exceeds AQMD (Air Quality Management District) environmental standards. NOx emissions are the lowest in the industry.

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