SuperFlow Pool Sumps and Grates

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SUPERFLOW SUMP AND GRATE (Up to 18 x 18 drains РVGB-2008). Only Lawson Aquatics, Inc. has SuperFlow VGB-2008 certified main drain grates and sumps with a super flow rate and a unique top profile design that provides extreme comfort under foot. Removes the need for field-built sump certification. Open grate area of 57% Рallowing for a maximum flow rate. Internal plumbing fittings instead of external. Allows stacking and avoids breaking off or cracking during shipment, pressure testing or handling. Unique built-in water stop with two vertical extensions prevents water passing over the flange. A solid one-piece, injection-molded unit. Less expensive than fabricated PVC sheets, stainless steel and fiberglass.

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