ADA Compliant Easy Stair

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ADA Easy Stair is fully compliant with ADA Guidelines and Regulations for Pool Access and meets all of the NEC Bonding Codes. The ADA Easy stair offers a proven and cost effective solution for pools requiring a secondary means of pool access. The ADA Easy stair serves a wide range of specific needs including those with limited mobility, the elderly, and infirm, to the mom’s-to-be, pre-teens, and first-time recreation swimmers. The lightweight fiberglass constructed stair features quick and easy removal using the included dolly, which insures that lap-swim and competition swim meets are never compromised. Quick and easy to install, the ADA Easy Stair is custom made to fit your pool, does not require mounting to the pool or pool deck, and is shipped assembled. Available in Medium Blue, Light Blue, and Safety Yellow! Call today and let one of our pool consultants help outfit your pool with the ADA Easy Stair.

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