Shocks & Oxidizers

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Halogen Supply has been supplying the industry with the highest quality commercial and residential pool products for more than 70 years. Our expert staff is always available to help you choose the ideal pool chemicals for your unique needs. Please contact us online today or call us at 800.777.SWIM.

Halogen Supply carries a large selection of Shocks & Oxidizers used to kill bacteria, control algae, and destroy organic contaminants in your commercial or residential pool introduced by bathing load and environmental factors. Offered in granular and liquid forms, they are designed to dissolve fast & easy providing readily available chlorine or an auxillary of non-chlorine oxidizer to keep your water clean & clear. Products offered include ProShock & Super ProShock (calcium hypochlorite), Liquid Chlorine ( sodium hypochlorite), No-Chlor Non-Chlorine Oxidizer (potassium monopersulfate), and Oxy-Brite by GLB

Halogen Supply is proud to offer the most popular industry brands for pool chemicals, including but not limited to:

Natural Chemistry

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