FlowVis Flow Meters

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  • –  The only flow meter to carry NSF50 (required by CA title 24)
  • –  NSF verified average accuracy 97.9%
  • –  Install right next to other fittings without the need for straight pipe before or after
  • –  Install horizontal, vertical, or even upside-down
  • –  Includes check valve function
  • –  Includes water velocity indication of 5′,7′, and 9′ per second
  • –  Establish correct flow rates for heaters, water features, and chemical feeders
  • –  Quickly reestablish correct flow rates after customer tampering
  • –  Models for 1.5″, 2″, and 2.5″ pipe
  • –  Retrofit kit easily converts  existing Jandy or Praher check valves into FlowVis flow meter, or repairs existing FlowVis meters.  No plumbing required.
  • – Installing a flow meter with a variable speed pump allows you to use instrumentation to dial in the pump’s optimum speed.

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