How to Quickly Change a Pool Lightbulb

Replacing a pool light bulb is more complicated than replacing an indoor bulb. Read on to learn how to safely change a pool light bulb. You can find all of the pool lighting items you’ll need at a Halogen Supply:

  • Replacement pool light bulbs
  • New lens gasket
  • Phillips and flathead screwdrivers
  • Voltage meter
  • A few dry towels

1. Turn Off the Power to Your Pool

Put safety first and turn off the power to your pool. Find the switch connected to the pool at the circuit breaker box. Flip the switch to the “off” position. Try turning on the pool lights to make sure the power is off.

2. Remove Screw From the Top of the Fixture

Reach into the water and find the pilot screw at the top of the light fixture. Depending on the type of screw, you will need either a Phillips or a flathead screwdriver. Remove the screw and put it in a plastic bag for safekeeping.

3. Pry Out the Light Housing

Place a towel on the deck near the fixture. Grab a flathead screwdriver and pry the light housing from the niche box. The wires should be long enough to lay the housing on the towel.

4. Test the Wiring

Check the power with a voltage meter before you touch the wires with your hands. If the meter flatlines, you’re good to go. If it registers electricity, go back to the circuit breaker and turn off whatever power was left on.

5. Take the Fixture Apart

Working over the towel, remove screws, clamps, and bolts and set them aside. Gently pull apart the face ring, lens, and lens gasket. Using a damp towel, wipe off any residue from the lens surface.

6. Remove the Old Lightbulb

Grasp the old bulb with a dry towel and carefully unscrew the bulb counterclockwise. Clean the inside of the fixture with a towel.

7. Screw the New Bulb Into the Fixture

Grip the replacement pool light bulbs with a dry towel. Never touch a halogen bulb with your bare hands; oils from your skin can cause a halogen bulb to burn out quickly. Gently screw in the bulb.

8. Test the Light

Turn on the power to quickly test the light. Have someone watch the light as you turn on the power for just a few seconds. Any longer than that may cause the bulb to burn out since the fixture is designed for use underwater only.

9. Reassemble the Fixture

Place the new lens gasket on the lens and place the lens over the bulb. Wipe off any water that is in the fixture and reassemble the fixture.

10. Check for Leaks

Submerge the fixture underwater. If any air bubbles escape from the fixture, remove it from the water and take it apart. Wipe it dry, reassemble it, and check for leaks until there are no more bubbles.

11. Replace Fixture in Pool Wall

Wrap the excess electrical cord around the base of the light housing. Place the fixture back into the niche, lining up the screw hole with the hole in the wall. Replace the pilot screw.

12. Turn On the Power and Enjoy!

That’s it! Turn on the power and enjoy a swim with your new pool lighting.

When it’s time to change a pool light bulb, Halogen Supply has just what you need. For over 70 years, Halogen Supply has been a trusted distributor of residential and commercial pool products. Our extensive industry knowledge will help you choose the best products for your pool or spa, and we are happy to help answer any questions you may have. Please contact us today!