How to Close a Pool: The Essential Guide

Now that summer is ending, it’s time to start considering closing your pool for the season. Properly closing your pool is important to maintain your pool’s lifespan and keep it in good shape so that it’s ready to use again next summer. But, if you’ve never closed a pool, it can seem overwhelming and confusing. We’ve put together this guide to walk you through how to close a pool. By following these tips, you’ll be able to easily close your pool and ensure it’s ready to use next season.

1. Test Your Water and Balance Pool Chemicals

Before closing your pool, testing your water and balancing the chemicals is important. This means ensuring your pH levels, total alkalinity, and chlorine levels are at the recommended levels. You can purchase water testing kits at your local pool supply store or hire a professional to test your water. Balancing your pool’s chemicals will help prevent damage to the pool surface or equipment during the off-season.

2. Clean and Vacuum Your Pool

Before closing your pool, it’s important to vacuum and clean your pool thoroughly. This includes scrubbing the walls and floor of the pool, brushing any algae, and using a net to remove any debris. A clean pool will help prevent any staining or buildup during the off-season.

3. Lower the Water Level (and Drain Equipment)

To prevent any damage from freezing, it’s important to lower your pool’s water level below the skimmer and drain all the equipment, such as the pump, heater, and filter. This can be done using a pool cover pump or siphoning the water out manually. Ensure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for draining the equipment to prevent damage.

4. Cover Your Pool

After you’ve completed all the above steps, you should cover your pool for the season. This can be done with either a solid cover or a mesh cover. A solid cover will prevent debris and sunlight from entering the pool, while a mesh cover will allow water to pass through. Regardless of which cover you choose, ensure it’s secure to prevent accidents or damage during the off-season.

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Closing your pool for the season may seem daunting, but following these tips will make it easy and stress-free. By taking the time to close your pool properly, you’ll ensure that it’s ready to use again next summer and avoid any costly repairs or damage. If you need any pool and spa chemicals to get your pool ready for the off-season, contact Halogen Supply. Our team of experts is here to help you with all your pool and spa needs.