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How to Shock a Pool This Swimming Season

Swimming pools provide people with a great way to escape the hot summer sun, and knowing how to shock a pool is one of the most important things pool caretakers or owners can do to keep the water safe for swimmers. It’s also one of the most basic maintenance tasks. The term “shocking a pool”… Read more »

Swimming Pool Maintenance, Part 2: What Not to Do

This blog is Part Two of our two-part series discussing the importance of maintaining a swimming pool and how best to care for your pool. Read Part One here. Now that you’ve read and understood the basics of maintaining a swimming pool, it’s just as important that you know what not to do when it… Read more »

Swimming Pool Maintenance, Part 1: Understanding the Basics

This blog is Part One of our two-part series discussing swimming pool maintenance and upkeep. For those who’ve just had a swimming pool installed or bought a home with a pool, understanding basic swimming pool maintenance is important to keep the pool clean and safe for swimmers. Learning about pool care as a new pool… Read more »