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How to Remove Calcium Scale from Pool Tile Quickly and Easily

how to remove calcium from pool tiles

Swimming as a recreational activity is the fourth most popular overall, and the first most popular for those aged 7-17, in the United States. According to the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals, 309K public and 10.4M residential pools exist throughout the country. Because of the popularity of swimming, and the large number of swimming… Read more »

Where to Store Chlorine Tablets for Safety and Increased Shelf-Life

where to store chlorine tablets

When properly stored, pool chemicals generally have shelf lives of 3-5 years. Pool chlorine is no different, though certain forms of it are more stable and last longer than others. Keeping chlorine in environments that are consistently cool, dry and dark will extend the time they remain usable. Knowing how and where to store chlorine… Read more »