The innovative new HALO Gen.RTS (Regenerative Total System) controller gives all-encompassing control of a regenerative pool fitration system. The large, 15 1/2″ touch-screen controller offers mobile connectivity, built in traiing, alarm and trending reports.

Complete integration of all system controls allows facilities to maximize resources and ease of use. System component synergy, possible through the HALO controller, contributes to the longevity, performance and efficiency of a pool system.

Customized control and solutions tailored to your facility is also available through the HALO Gen.CS.

Halogen Supply HALO

Halogen Supply HALO

Benefits include:

Ease of Use

  • Large, 15 1/2″ touch screen with sound, graphics and video
  • Intauitive user interface and experience
  • Graphically displayed system status shown on one screen
  • Flexibility with auto or manual modes
  • User-friendly set-point entry
  • Accessible from tablets, mobile devices and PCs

Total System Control

  • Regenerative filter cycle control
  • Flow control with VFD
  • Chemical control
  • Temperature control
  • Level control with automatic fresh water make-up
  • Cleaning modes
  • all safety interlocks

Training Built In

  • Training videos wtih audio for all procedures
  • Imbedded manuals and data sheets specific to system design

Alarm Logging and Trend Reports

  • Real-time trending reports for all control loops
  • Trending histories stored
  • Easy-to-read graphical displays of real-time trends and histories
  • Audible alarms to alert staff
  • Alarm emails immediately sent to staff

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