CelaPerl Perlite Filter Media

ITEM #: 313 | List Price: $39.48

CelaPerlĀ is a lightweight perlite filter media for swimming pools and spas. Perlite originates from naturally occurring volcanic rock containing water. When heated, the perlite expands to 20 times its original volume and becomes an excellent filter media. CelaPerl is non-toxic and environmentally friendly, providing good pool clarity and improved oil absorption.

CelaPerl is used in the same manner as diatomaceous earth. Simply precoat your filters with the same number of scoops you use today.

  • Easy to Handle
    Lightweight Bags Makes it Easier for All to Use
  • Environmentally Friendly
    All Natural, Non-Toxic Product
  • Good Clarity
    Removes Particles Down to 4.0 Microns
  • Improved Oil Absorption
    Provides a Cleaner Pool
  • NSF Certified

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